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Meet Mayfair Valet for Businesses

Mayfair Valet is partnering up with local companies to offer a new kind of employee benefit—one that will allow you to remain competitive in this new, unprecedented climate.

Retaining talented employees is the most important strategic focus of any successful organization. Offering employee dry cleaning and laundry services as a perk keeps your team engaged and focused on your business, while also improving their work-life balance.

Laundry Services for Businesses

Dry Cleaning

Wash & Fold

Free Pickup & Delivery

How does it work?

As organizations move to flexible workplaces, offering perks and employee benefits that help employees transition and maintain a healthy balance will be critical.

Our contactless laundry services for businesses allow for your employees to keep their families and homes clean and fresh with door-to-door service at no cost!

For your business’s convenience, Mayfair Valet for Businesses is billed on a monthly recurring basis.

Services Include

Mayfair Valet for Businesses allows you to set up a central account, under which each employee can use allocated prepaid or budgeted amounts for services such as:

Dry Cleaning

Laundry & Wash & Fold

(subscription options available)



Drapery & Upholstery Cleaning

And many more services!

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